You Might be a Snobby Fashion Blogger if

Given that Fashables is run by “normal’ish” people we’ve taken note that there seems to be a little snobby behavior taking place in the fashion blog world.

In an effort to poke fun of the situation we’ve started “You Might be a Snobby Fashion Blogger if…” (with 5 items) and imagine it will grow over time.

If you have something to add please leave your addition in the comment section it we might add it to the list.

You Might be a Snobby Fashion Blogger if…

  1. You request that people tell their followers to follow you on Twitter to help you hit X number of followers, but when they do, you don’t at least say thank you.
  2. You talk about yourself in the third person.
  3. You gripe about how “tough” fashion events are in a super secret attempt to make yourself appear “special.” You aren’t tricking us with your fashion mental wizardry.
  4. You’re so busy that you can’t respond to emails. Come on, you aren’t running The New York Times.
  5. You don’t realize that you’re readers are far more important than you are.
  6. You spend more time talking about yourself/social life then about the brand you are representing (via Justine).
  7. You’re snobby if you’re walking around fashion week thinking you’re the S*#t and your blog is full of ads that don’t have anything to do with fashion (via Pink Wedges)
  8. You get a lot of traffic to your blog through another blog and its blogroll but you don’t bother to thank the other blogger (via Ritournelle).
  9. People tweet your content on Twitter and you never say thank you for the RT.
  10. You never respond to blog comments. Of course you can’t respond to every comment if you get tons, but a comment back from you every now and then surely wouldn’t hurt.