The Best Decisions are not Always the Easiest

This isn’t an easy blog post to write, and it has nothing to do with fashion, but if I don’t write it I think it’s going to weigh on me. So here we go.

My fiancee and I drove to Rochester, NY early Saturday morning to give our dog Coco away. And every aspect of it was heartbreaking.

It’s not something we wanted to do, not by a long shot, but we are both very busy people and the more we talked about it, the more we felt like it was not fair to keep her here in the city. In no way was the decision based on convenience, it was more about the reality of how much this city can stretch a person and how often we are not home.

She’s an amazingly well behaved mid-sized dog that didn’t deserve to be stuck inside a New York City 1 bedroom apartment for most of the day. And no matter how I/we tried to rationalize keeping her, we could never get around that fact.


(Coco during a recent trip to Central Park to play in the snow.)

The people that took Coco in are friends of the family and are extremely kind, and they love animals. They have two dogs of their own and they were introduced to Coco late Saturday afternoon at a park. As expected, the dogs got along and as the minutes of the meeting slowly ticked by, I new the moment was drawing near that we would be taking Coco’s things out of our car, putting them in another and then going our separate ways.

When that moment did in fact come, it flat out sucked.

She hopped in the car, tail wagging, and I scratched her on the back and said a short goodbye. And that’s when the river of emotions could no longer be contained.

I didn’t have a dog when I was growing up, and while Coco was only in my life for 11 months (as of today), we had a great bond and I treated her like she was mine.  I could go on and on about how sad finding her a new home has made me, but there are a number of positives to focus on.

  • She has great new foster parents.
  • She has two new dog friends to play with.
  • She doesn’t have to be cooped up in a small New York City Apartment.
  • She gets to run in the woods, and did so yesterday.
  • And the list goes on.

But I miss her. And I don’t really know that that feeling will subside.

While coming to this decision was not easy, it is a reminder that sometimes the best decisions in life are not always the easiest.

So Coco, run, smell, play, eat an occasional piece of gum off the ground like you love to mischievously do, enjoy the trails, have fun with your new friends… and know that we love you and found this great new home so that you could have an amazing life.

  • Hannah Hayes

    This is a sweet post, and I’m glad it has nothing to do with fashion. Having lost two animals before and adoring the one I have, I and I’m sure so many of us understand what you’re going through. Someday maybe you can have another animal that brings you so much joy, but you seemed to do the right thing with this pup. She’ll be very happy. Thanks for sharing an honest part of your life and have a better day.

  • jazzypom

    Aww, I’m sorry to hear that, but you did right by your dog. You didn’t put her in a pound, and you found owners who love her as much as you do. I hope you’ll get to visit her sometimes?

  • Tiffany Burke

    I’m sorry. :( I think that in the end, it probably was the right thing for your dog. We have been wanting to get a pet, but I’ve been afraid of it being alone in our apartment during the day and when we go away overnight (which is fairly often)… And since she went to family friends, you can always ask them how she’s doing and see her every once in a while, and you’ll know she went to a nice family where she can have a great time. Thank you for sharing, I know it must be so hard.

  • Charlene Ross

    This blog made me cry Ryan, but only because I know how that must have felt. And you are right, sometimes the right decision is the hardest one to make. But you gave Coco away to a loving family instead of dumping her at a shelter and for that you are to be commended. I hope you can visit her sometimes. (Ha, now I scroll down & see that jazzypom said almost the identical thing! See – you are doing the right thing!)

    BTW – I rarely comment on your blog, but I read it all the time. Your pics are always fab. You have an amazing eye.

  • Geri Looker

    Oh Ryan. A had decisio indeed. One that I had to make several years ago, it was so painful. I gave my lovely little west island white back to my sister-in-law, as I was working such long hours and on my own. He went to a good home, with lots of space, fields to explore and play in. He died last year, but was a very happy dog. He needed more attention, that I could not give at that period in my life. You did the right thing, time is a great healer. Best Wishes Ryan

    • Geri Looker

      Sorry my typing fingers were not co-ordinating at the beginning of my response!