Street Style Fashion: Worth a Double Take

Welcome to today’s street style fashion post!

We had great weather in New York City over the weekend and I couldn’t have been more exciting to go out and shoot for a bit on Saturday. There was style galore, which made me feel like a kid in a candy store.

Enjoy the shots!

womens coat fashablesI loved her look.

fashables mens street style fashion

Shades of blue. Well played.fashables womens street style fashionColor, a long dress, fur, a floppy hat… an amazing mixture.mens fashion fashables

No comment needed.mens street style fashion

Worth a second look. Very clean.street style fashion by fashables

The green bag made this look perfect. womens street style fsahion coat

The blue frame is a stylish twist.street style fashionA stylish mixture.

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  • Andreas Tesfaye

    All great choices EXCEPT shades of blue….dull and uugghh…..besides that, you’re wonderful..especially the Mr. Clean one….tres propre!

  • Jake Bloom

    The man with the light gray coat can also wear chinos in that ensemble.

  • Alex

    I am loving the chap’s yellow and blue check shirt!

  • BNandcompany

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  • Brent

    4th picture down is a buddy from Greensboro, I think. I’ll have to post to his wall and ask! If it is, he went to App and moved up there a while back. Too funny!

  • Sara Clawson

    Ryan, you’ve probably actually met the guy in the blue and yellow shirt — he’s a Greensboro native who used to work with me at Paceline Bicycles! I’m sure you’ve been on group rides with him when you biked a lot down here.

    • Ryan Shell

      You know, I’m not sure… but I would have loved to have known he was from GSO. Share the site with him. Would be great to connect and ride!

      • Sara Clawson

        Brent beat me to it :)

  • Mirna Aceituno

    Mr. Clean reminds me of Chuck from GG. Very nice look. You do have an eye for people Ryan. :)