Street Style Fashion: The Complaint Edition

Welcome to today’s street style fashion post!

Given the amount of photos that have been published on Fashables, we’ve received hardly any negative feedback. In fact, I think something someone said on Monday was the second “negative” comment. Here’s what was said,

“No more men in sweaters and ties: that’s what ALL guys wear! And no more women in ugly coats, either!”

Lets analyze that for a second. If sweaters and ties are “all guys wear,” should I stop and ask them to take the items off? I snap real people. And if they are wearing sweaters and ties, then so be it. Also, I looked back at the last three street style posts and there’s one photo of a guy in a sweater. One.

“Women in ugly coats.” Who is one person to lay claim that all of the coats are “ugly?” That’s just rude, and rude isn’t what this site is about. Maybe this person just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or maybe they prefer the more traditional snobby fashion blog.

Enjoy today’s shots!

Doesn’t she look amazing? There’s something about this look that is really working well for me.

Interesting take on a lightweight puffer. Think he bought this color to match his hair?

First, there’s the ever popular ankle boots, and these happen to be fantastic. Second, there’s the plain ball cap, which is a great look if you can pull it off.

Take in her outfit for a second. Black leather jacket. Blue striped dress. Pint boots. And let’s not forget the yellow purse.

Like I mentioned in the 2012 Fall Fashion Blogger Trend Report, wearing leather jackets like this is a trend. The necklace she has on is also quite interesting.

Sorry about catching her mid expression, but the red boots need to be seen. Cue the music…

Reposting this from a previous post just in case you missed it. The photo has been shared more than 1,400 times on Tumblr, so apparently people like it.

And now for the fun photo of the day. This is just your ordinary superhero trying to blend in at Washington Square Park.

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  • jazzypom

    Drop sleeves are back, I see. Strangely, they are growing on me now; I never liked them before (especially in knitwear), but the style gives the clothing a different silhouette. Thanks for this, Ryan!

    • Ryan Shell

      You’re welcome!

  • Lily Lemontree

    Love today’s images, especially the first! One of the things I adore about your blog is that you capture real people in real life, ‘ugly coats and all’ (that was a bit of a bizarre comment but to each his own). That is the true element of ‘street style’, not just standing outside of a fashion show, snapping pics of the ‘beautiful people’. Keep doing exactly what you are doing Ryan, your many fans (myself included!) will never get enough of it!!

    • Ryan Shell

      Lily, glad to hear I wasn’t alone on the first image.

  • Debbie Vogler

    Ryan, You do a great job! Jealousy and unhappy people will be the ones to say the negative things. Also, what one person likes, another may not. If everyone liked the same thing, it would be a boring world. Keep up the good work.

    • Ryan Shell

      Thanks Debbie!

  • Summer Kenny

    I LOVE pictures 3 and 5!

    • Ryan Shell

      Great! I’m a big fan of the look in number 3. Try the hat look if you haven’t already. Have a great day!

  • Andreas Tesfaye

    My boy, you keep doing what you’re doing! The zipper back jacket it just awesome, who is the designer, any idea?

    • Ryan Shell

      Didn’t even ask her. Don’t you love when that happens?

  • Pam N

    LOVE the first shot – that looks to be a vintage boiled wool Geiger wrap.

    • Ryan Shell

      Thanks for stopping by, Pam.

  • Chrissie Hooper

    Love the zipper jacket, too! Need to find myself a solid pair of black boots for fall, ankle or not.

    • Ryan Shell

      Thinking you need both. :)

  • VickiD

    your photos inspire me!

    • Ryan Shell

      Always nice to hear, Vicki.