Street Style Fashion: The Chill Continues

Welcome to today’s street style fashion post!

While it might officially be spring, it certainly doesn’t feel like it in New York City. As you’ll see in today’s post people are still bundled up and fighting the cold. But, there’s an end in site. And when that happens the fashion page will turn and some amazing things will happen in the city.

Enjoy the shots!

womens street style Rolled up high enough to show off he boots. And a red scarf to add a little pop.

womens purse All around vintage.

triumph motorcycle Stylish riding. Would love one of these.

texas home tshirt blazer jeans Caroline rocking the Texas Home T.

new york womens street style fashion It’s simple, but a great look.

FE7A0558 Notice the feather.

FE7A0503 Rolled.

fashables fashion blog Always great to see a little color coordination. Wonder what was in the frame?