Today’s street style fashion post features some additional shots I snapped during Fashion Week. Speaking of Fashion Week, if you didn’t read my confession about it on Wednesday check it out here.

There’s a lot of outerwear and shoes to see below. But I wouldn’t recommend you wear most of these shoes in the snow.

Enjoy the shots!


Layered jewelry and outerwear. Interesting shoe color choiceFE7A9905

The snow moved just so she could stand here. The shoes demanded it.FE7A9909

I can’t for the life of me tell you why, but when I saw her I immediately thought, “Sporty Spice.” FE7A9912

Snow shoes.FE7A9917

No, no, I was mistaken above. These are snow shoes.mens fashion blog

Growing fond of this color york fashion week fashables

Layered polka dots. With a little neon to boot.street style fashion blog

It’s obvious when style is effortless. Well played. And a great coat.womens fashion blog

Blue tones.

Written by Ryan
Ryan is a southern guy now living in New York City. From business to casual, his style covers a broad spectrum. He loves a great suit, but also appreciates the freedom of an un-tucked shirt and letting loose. Find him on Twitter at @RyanShell.