Street Style Fashion: Lots of Fur (still!)

Welcome to today’s street style fashion post!

I headed out to shoot on Saturday and had the worst time. I wasn’t dressed properly, and due to my lovely allergies I took a Benadryl just before heading out. Genius right? Then, on top of that I managed to get my preferred camera setting out of whack and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Joy.

BUT, I went back out on Sunday with my camera fixed and a heavier coat. Some of what I captured can be seen below.

Enjoy the shots!

FE7A9291Not your average fur coat.

FE7A9368I’m seeing much more fur this year than last year. And of course you can’t overlook her bag.

FE7A9356Ignore the lighting in this photo and take in her skirt. I love it, and the entire look. Copy this for sure.

FE7A9353I’m becoming more and more drawn to coats that utilize more than one color, pattern or texture. The coat the woman on the left is wearing is a good example. And don’t overlook the platform heels.

FE7A9347Now that’s not something you see very often. Heck, we even got him to waive.

FE7A9337I’d like to formally call this the, “If I had reacted quick enough for you to see her from the front, you’d have loved her look from head to toe.” photo. My bad.

FE7A9333Well played with the knit wear.

FE7A9293I normally don’t show people when they are mid-expression, but this coat is too good to leave out.

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  • Andreas Tesfaye

    I love seeing the fur, it looks elegant, in certain moderation and beautiful. I lived 12 years in the arctic region and no amount of high tech material, in my experience, will ever replace fur for what it does, how it feels…..but most important, how it also looks!

  • Geri Looker

    Love the pom pom coat and picture 4. I do adore fur! yes I know animal cruelty & all, but you have to admit, a fur coat looks so plush, decadent, stylishly lavish. I iamgine myself on the set of a vintage hollywood movie!

  • Debbie Durham Fleetwood-Vogler

    Ryan, Your Saturday luck had me smiling! How about the first photo? Looked like a deer fur :)
    I love fur, as well.

  • josephchen

    Very good post. Coats are looking nice and attractive.

  • uglyhousewife

    Thanks for the Twitter follow! I’m over the style of the skirt in #3. But in that photo you captured a woman in a beautiful red coat with knee high boots! Loved her!!!!- way to rock the mom style! :) The random guy you caught was spot on hipster in his winter wear. And def. the pom pom coat -FAV!