Street Style Fashion: Layered Style

If you compare today’s post with Wednesdays street style fashion post, you’ll immediately notice a difference in the clothing due to changing temperatures.

Take note of the layering below because there are some exceptional examples.

Enjoy the shots!

Love the layers, textures and use of stripes.

Leather jackets seem to be everywhere right now.

Hard to go wrong with a peacoat in the fall. Plenty of additional jacket options in this post from yesterday.

“Rocking” ankle boots.

Layered with Intermix.

Didn’t have enough time to prep for the shot, but still captured the moment.

It’s hard to go wrong these green army’ish jackets. I’m still aggravated I accidentally tossed mine during my last move.

Eclectic style.

Some people have effortless style, and I’d venture to say she’s one of those people.

Love the mystery the hat creates. And the fact that it’s green.

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  • Peter Meckel

    i am in love w the eclectic and the one above


    • Ryan Shell

      Glad to hear it, Peter. Keep up the good work on your site.


    Well I too love the Army type jacket. And I too decided (quite a few years ago) that I didn’t need mine anymore. FAIL. Your last shot–with the green hat is great inspiration. I want to see more women wearing hats! So, I’d best start wearing hats and lead the charge. Have a great weekend.

    • Ryan Shell

      Totally agree with you about women in hats. It catches my eye whenever I see it. Have a great Friday!

  • Yasemin

    Did you get a new lens or something? The photos look different than in previous posts

    • Ryan Shell

      Yes, I’m renting the Canon 85 mm L series for a week to test it out. What do you think?

      • Yasemin

        I love the way the pictures look! They never looked bad before, but I definitely think they look better with a different depth of field.

  • j

    great shots! thanks you.