Street Style Fashion: Getting Cold(er)

Thanks for stopping by today’s street style fashion post!

It’s unseasonably cold in the city, as in, the high today is 39 and there’s a possibility of snow, kind of cold. You’ll see below that people are bundling up and trying to stay stylishly warm… and that some fantastic coats are finally making their way out of the closet.

Enjoy today’s shots!

Her red coat with a touch of fur quickly stood out. Click the photo to enlarge and fully appreciate it.

An overexposed (the sun) pea coat.

Going camo.

Did I mention hats are catching my eye? Wear one. And you’ll look swanky.

Something about the hat is cute.

One of the more interesting outfits I’ve seen in a while. Eclectic Fashion 101.

Is it just me, or are we seeing more and more burgundy?

I’m not sure why I enjoy taking photos of bikes so much, but in my eyes… they all have style. No matter how old they are. Kind of, in a way, like people.

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  • Kandyss

    Congrats on your engagement Ryan! That’s great news. I look forward to your weekly fashion posts and enjoy the ranges of style that you capture with your camera. I do agree with you there though, oxblood or burgundy is a trending color this season. I personally love it!

    • Ryan Shell

      Thanks a ton!

  • Geri Looker

    Love the red coat. Vibrant!

    • Ryan Shell

      Totally agree.

  • Erika

    I was an event planner for 10 years in both fashion and art, that should be a breeze to create your ambiance for your wedding! For starters, pick a fashion or art museum for the location, then decorate the tables with unique twists on fashion, even your table seating could be name after fashion icons?, etc. – subtle hints that people get your passion, but know its still your wedding day! Congrats on the wedding and marriage!

    • Ryan Shell

      Thanks for the ideas.