Spreading the Street Style Love

Today’s street style fashion post is going to be a bit different.

Based on comments I’ve received over time it’s apparent that the shots shared on Fashables can help influence your wardrobe, but I’ve never really stopped to think about how they influence you in other ways. And that’s what today’s post takes a look at. Here’s an email message I received yesterday,

“I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to go out, buy a camera, and start taking street pictures. Though I am only 16 and don’t expect to be recognized with this blog, it is a great way to have fun and be creative. Thank you so much and keep up your amazing blog!! It gets me through my long weekdays!” – Brooke

How freaking cool is that?

So, for today, I’m going to pay it forward and share some of Brooke’s street style photos – from her blog, Cucina – and add my own commentary.


A classic NYC look. These green army themed jackets continue to be popular.tumblr_mh24avOArG1s47w20o1_500

Out of focus, but in style.tumblr_mh24ds0qS51s47w20o1_500

I’d love to photograph someone wearing this!tumblr_mh24he94UI1s47w20o1_500

Fur spotting.tumblr_mh24pnoF1q1s47w20o1_500

I’m going to go ahead and claim this as the Fashables street style corner in SoHo. It’s my primary spot. tumblr_mh24royG0O1s47w20o1_500

She’s even shooting bikes! tumblr_mh24tk7enS1s47w20o1_500

Look at the pants the girl in the center is wearing.tumblr_mh25dgV1Ga1s47w20o1_500

Tons of flavor. And certainly don’t overlook the little pouch.tumblr_mh25geVGsl1s47w20o1_500

If the guy on the right didn’t make you smile, you should look at him until you do smile. tumblr_mh2591rkPh1s47w20o1_500Always fun to take a photo of someone else taking a photo.

Hopefully Brooke will use this as a little extra motivation to continue using her camera and snapping amazing style. Check out her site here.

  • Brittany Sage

    This is wonderful and I love her shots! Thanks for sharing her!

    • http://www.ryanshell.com/blog Ryan Shell

      You are very welcome.

  • http://twitter.com/ATesfaye Andreas Tesfaye

    Well well well….I love seeing the fur coming back ……keeping it real and keep it couture! J’adore!

    • http://www.ryanshell.com/blog Ryan Shell

      Fur is everywhere.

  • Ben in St. Louis

    Love that you’re sharing her shots. I always look forward to your blog. Keep up the good work.

    • http://www.ryanshell.com/blog Ryan Shell

      Glad to hear it Ben. Thanks for stopping by.

  • http://twitter.com/indiraa_dw Tiffany Burke

    Great shots!

    • http://www.ryanshell.com/blog Ryan Shell

      Love the white dress.

  • http://twitter.com/MariamaWurie Mariama

    This is such a great thing! It has definitely inspired me this morning! Love these shots!

    • http://www.ryanshell.com/blog Ryan Shell

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • http://twitter.com/LoveAbbyM Abby

    This is so inspiring! Maybe I’ll pull out my camera and take some shots around on the West coast someday. Love it, thanks for sharing!