Our Wedding Photos

It’s been just over two months since our wedding and I finally have some shots from the photographer to share with you.

As I think back on the wedding, the photographs give you a glimpse of the experience, but I’m not really sure anything can do it justice. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the video turns out.

The shots below show you a little of what happened before the wedding, during the ceremony and after. Now we just have to buy some of the shots and have the photo album created. Wedding photography is a funny thing. You pay a ton for a photographer, who essentially takes pictures so you can pay more money to print the photos or make an album. Yes, you pay money to be able to pay more money. It’s a genius business model. :)

Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

This is one of my two favorite shots. It’s just perfect.Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

This is my second favorite shot. It captures the moment so perfectly .

Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

She had no idea she was about to get “the bag.”Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

I searched and searched for my tux shoes. After looking at different styles and price points, I went with this Ferragamo shoe. It was absolutely perfect.Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Getting ready with the guys. Notice I’m clipping my bow-tie? Here’s a fashion fact for you. That little bow-tie is Tom Ford, and he only makes clip ons because he wants them to have the perfect knot.Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

I don’t drink alcohol, so we toasted milk. We’re so gangster.
Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

She asked me not to mention who designed her dress, but I will say that it was flat out beautiful. What’s amazing is that the top of the dress used to look completely different. As in, they literally cut it off and put something new up top. That, from what I have heard, was a hold your breath kind of moment. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

You might recognize these Jimmy Choo’s. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The bridesmaids wore hot pink.

Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

A stunning shot taken just after she finished getting ready. Check the bouquet.
Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

This was shot in Gramercy Park just after we first saw each other for the day. For me, this was a memorable moment. There were tons of people outside the park gate looking in, and this was a pause in the day that allowed us to take in the ride we were about to jump on. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Snapped during pre-ceremony shoot in the Meatpacking District. Classic NYC. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

An awesome shot. The shadows are just perfect.
Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Another NCY moment. It’s amazing how nice people are when you wear wedding attire. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

My tux and shirt are Ralph Lauren. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Another one I love. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Reflection. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Another moment to pause and whisper… Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

This photo was taken to confirm that I’m a dork. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The right sticker at the right time.Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

I think we will really like this photo 10 years from now.Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The run of show for guests.

Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The ceremony space was simplistic and beautiful. We didn’t have a religious wedding, but she’s Jewish and wanted a huppah (forgive me if that’s not the correct spelling) so we made that happen. Take note of the chandelier. And the chairs, they were a last minute decision that proved to be an amazing finishing touch.Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Reading the vows. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

It was just so perfect looking at her during this moment. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Breaking the glass is another Jewish tradition that we opted to do. Funny story here. The “glass” was supposed to be a lightbulb, but just before this photo was taken the wedding planner put the glass on stage and whispered, “It’s a real glass, stomp hard.” Given that I was terrified of the glass not breaking or flying off the stage, I stomped really really hard. And I think everyone had a good laugh hearing the stage rumble.
Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Luckily the glass broke on the first try. :)

Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Remember how I said we wanted to have a fun wedding? These gospel singers were seated amongst the guests and offered a great surprise at the end of the ceremony. They sang a little Bruno. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

No detail was overlooked. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The ceremony space was completely transformed while cocktail hour was taking place one floor up. We snuck down to take a look before all the guests were ushered back downstairs. These little private moments were one of my favorite parts of the day.
Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Some of the table setting. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

More of the table setting. We wanted it to be beautiful, and it was. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The floral arrangements and candles were low enough so that peoples view wasn’t blocked from across the table. Because that’s annoying, right?
Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The cake. Simple. And chocolate. And very good.

Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Here I am praying that I survive our first dance. I did. But, as a non dancer, was terrified the entire time. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

My grandmother and I having a little fun in the photo booth. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The bride and I continuing to enjoy the photo booth. Apparently my grandmother blessed me with the ability to make goofy faces. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

An end result. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Cutting the cake.

Shortly after this photo was taken the bride said a few words, and then I gave a short speech. The end of my speech was interrupted by a waiter falling on the floor and silverware going everywhere.
Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

But that of course was by design, and was the beginning of a surprise stomp routine for guests. Yes, a stomp routine. It was bananas! Oh, and see the bar in the background? It was made of ice.Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

The stomp guys doing their thing. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

I’m telling you, we through a freaking party!Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

You know it’s a party when someone is doing the windmill. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

Guest danced the night away to, and I kid you not, the best wedding band ever. Serious. They were perfect and I’d hire them again in a heartbeat. Whitney Schaffer & Ryan ShellAfter a long fun day, we were married.

I hope you enjoyed these shots from our special day.

  • marisolina

    What a nice and sweet pictures of your wedding!!!
    Congrats Whitney and Ryan!
    God bless you.
    Hugs from Argentina

  • Abby

    These are so beautiful. It looks like the perfect wedding. Congratulations!

  • Margaret Pelc

    Ryan, I think that these are all great photos and I know that this day will be a memory you will share all your life. I wish you and your bride a very happy life together. You both look so happy and I hope that each and every day brings you that much happiness together.

  • Terrie Knight

    I absolutely LOVED these! I can hardly see through my happy tears….OMG, what a beautiful wedding!

  • Brittany Sage

    Congratulations to you both! The photos are gorgeous!