New York Street Style Fashion: September 21

Take a moment to think about something you really love to do. As in, something that brings you great satisfaction.

While walking to the Angelika Theater in NoHo last night, I saw great outfit after great outfit, but unfortunately didn’t have my camera on me. It was such a tease, and the feeling of almost helplessness (because I couldn’t snap the looks) made me once again realize that capturing great outfits via street style photography is something I really love to do. And I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read Fashables and use my snaps and other style posts as inspiration for your own wardrobe.

Enjoy today’s shots!

Such an interesting look. Click the shot to enlarge it and appreciate the outfit a bit more.

Layered for a mild evening. Hat for a few extra style points.

Wonder how well she can see out of those lenses?

This was all kinds of cute.

The ultimate accessory? A smile.

Seen in SoHo – corner of Prince and Crosby St.

Age ads style.

Zipper detail on the coat is interesting.

Buttoned all the way up and showing the versatility of a blazer.

Blazer over a dress.

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  • Globality

    Ryan … confession. I’ve never been to New York. In fact, never set foot in the USA … But I do go for a fashion fix in NY every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Brilliant stuff.

    • Ryan Shell

      Seriously, that comment alone makes it all worth it. Thank you.

  • Marsha

    Ryan, love your blog/website………..and love the shirt on the girl with the ultimate accessory. Any idea as to the brand of the blouse?

  • Andreina Queirolo

    Ryan i love your blog , please more about shoes and bags.

    • Ryan Shell

      That’s great to hear! Thanks for letting me know what you’d like to see more of.

  • tommy

    the olive jacket looks so good on him!

  • Clh

    Enjoy watching u on fox 8 high point nc. Going to be in NYC for about a week beginning of november. Luv getting ideas for what to wear. Can be a big difference in temp this time of year, in 80’s here today☺

    • Ryan Shell

      That’s great to hear! I was just on there earlier this morning talking about the difference in weather with Shanon. Enjoy your visit when you come!