New York Fashion Week Street Style

New York Fashion Week may be the epicenter for amazing street style fashion. Why? Because pull together amazing outfits, and they generally expect to be photographed. It’s really a photographers playground.

I took shots on both Saturday and Sunday, and captured some great moments that I look forward to sharing throughout the week. Today, you’ll see the likes of Bill Cunningham, Jay from America’s Next Top Model, and some down right awesome fashion.

Enjoy the shots!

Show attendees, and onlookers, outside Lincoln Center.

I’ve seen a ton of layering with jackets, many of which are just sitting on the shoulders. This look is sheer perfection.

Patterns, patterns, patterns.

There’s a better shot of the bag below. Yes, she’s carrying a bag.

Fierce, right?

The women tend to have a much better showing at Fashion Week, but on occasion you’ll see something that stands out – like blue hair and a yellow shirt.

Two seconds before this was snapped I said to myself, “Oh s*$t, it’s Bill Cunningham!” Not sure who Bill Cunningham is? Google.

I was all kinds of excited to see Bill, so I figured I’d snap him taking a snap. He’s a funny little character. He literally walks almost non stop and is very hard to capture on camera.

If you’ve ever watched America’s Next Top Model, surely you know of Jay.

This looked like a moment out of Sex & the City.

This outfit sort of defines the creativity seen at Fashion Week. I mean, she tossed on a ribbon to tie the dress to the hat. Awesomeness.

Wonder if the necklace was DIY?

Love this shot.

The blocks of color in this dress were fantastic!

Seriously, I was like a kid in a candy store. Shots like this could be taken all day long.

How’s that for a pattern?

Wearing women’s Prada sunglasses.

That’s all for today. Make sure you check back each day this week for new Fashion Week photos. There’s a ton of shots that I can’t wait to share with you!

  • Andreas Tesfaye

    That black HOT piece of perfection in the blue is seriously going to be on my mind allllll day along with the blond in the white dress and the killer pulled back leather sleeves……but the Schmoo in the Prada has serious potential of ruining it! I don’t mind the MooMoo which he can pull off because of his shoulder to waist ratio but the glasses SUCK on him……I’m in the Optical Industry…I’m biased & and I would junk-punch anyone who sold him those glasses and said ” Fabulouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!”

    • Ryan Shell

      Happy you now have something to think about ALL day.

  • Debbie Durham Fleetwood-Vogler

    Was that fashion blogger, Miriam Stella in the baseball hat?

    • Ryan Shell

      I’m not 100% sure.

  • bestofbklyn

    Love all of these shots, Ryan! You have a great eye.

    • Ryan Shell

      Honestly, it’s simple when the fashion looks this good.

  • June Mia

    Bill Cunningham! That is so classic.

    • Ryan Shell

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • Cami

    I believe the girl from the second picture is Kristina, the blogger behing ! she has such a great style!

    • Ryan Shell

      Sure looks like it. Thanks for the tip Cami.

  • Christy Xandrick

    Ryan, Every shot is more amazing than the next. The girl in the mint green dress, Perfection! And that face! She is adorable! And I love the girl in the blue with the coral accents! Great pics as always x 10 for NYFW!

    • Ryan Shell

      Glad you like the shots. I swear I could have posted 100 photos – so hard to choose what to put up! More to come.

  • Giulia Cipollina

    These photos are AWESOME! I love them all! You’re such a lucky guy :)

  • jasmine.

    loved all of these shots Ryan! …i was on the lookout for you everyday i was down there, but didn’t catch a glimpse!…great job!

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  • di

    the black + white patterned suit… divine! hmmm, how to make it work for a 5’6″ woman 😉 (love all of the shots, difficult to choose just one favorite)