“Men that like Fashion are Gay”

Yes, the statement made in the title of this post is absolutely obnoxious, but it’s also a statement that some people feel is true.

Ignorance is hard to understand, which is why I’m sure it’s hard for you to relate with how someone could actually believe such a statement (I hope).

Unfortunately, it’s something I recently encountered and was a bit taken back. And mad.

Here's a guy that likes fashion and takes care of himself. Would you judge him?

Now, I don’t like labeling people and discussing sexuality, but let’s establish one thing – I’m straight. I’m a man that just so happens to like fashion. I’m also secure enough to start a fashion blog and not think twice about it.

I know people may, at times, wonder why a guy would want to start a fashion blog… but let’s dissect that for a bit. Why does it matter? Are guys not allowed to like fashion? Nobody wonders why a guy would want to start an auto body shop, attend law school, or open a pizza shop.

Some men can fix cars, some can build things, and some are gifted with an excellent sense of style. Just like an intuitive familiarity with mechanics or a secret sauce recipe, a sense of style and the ability to put it to use should not be judged.

People that make these types of statements are insecure and are displaying their own ignorance, negativity, and narrow mindset. They’re the same people who told Orville and Wilbur Wright they couldn’t build an airplane, and then told Amelia Earhart she couldn’t fly one.

There is a very large segment the male population that worries very little what they wear, and their overall appearance. I can only wonder if “fashion” as an interest has been given an unnecessary feminine overtone, and guess that this has inevitably resulted in some men feeling that fashion is “girly,” or “gay,” or any other adjective which shouldn’t be derogatory to start with.

If you’re a female reading this post, it’s highly likely that you’ve had a boyfriend or two that you wish could dress better, right? If so, why is any negative judgement placed on a man that like’s fashion?

Let’s set the record straight.

My hope is that this post gets spread far and wide so we can make it clear that it’s ok for guys to like fashion. Guys: it’s okay to want to look good. It’s ok to take care of your skin. And most of all, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Just be yourself.

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  • Emanuel Iuhas

    More than everything is about ignorance… who think that!

  • http://twitter.com/illusClaire Claire

    High-fives, Ryan!

  • http://twitter.com/DudeSociety Dude Society – Jamie

    Men who like penis are gay…

    • http://twitter.com/fashables Fashables

      Wow. You really said that.

      • http://twitter.com/DudeSociety Dude Society – Jamie

        Well, it seems to simplify the matter :) Fashion is not the only thing that often gets used in phrases like “Guys who like _____ are gay”

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H3W6CWYG3BMOKOEXL4DG3LKSDI John

      i like penis but i’m not gay…well the only thing i like from a men is penis, especially if the penis is nicely shaped and big…

      men who like men are gay……sexuality is more than liking a bodypart

  • http://twitter.com/MadeinUSABlog MadeInUSAChallenge

    I think the source of the problem is people who use the the word gay in a derogatory fashion. :(

    • Ryan

      That’s a great point. Thanks for commenting.

  • http://twitter.com/KENTONmagazine KENTON magazine

    I know exactly how you feel and I feel the same way. Great post! – Alex

  • http://www.bestofbklyn.com/ bestofbklyn

    Great post, and way to stand up for yourself! I think it’s great when straight guys take an interest in fashion and wanting to look and feel good in clothes, and when they’re more creative with their dress (and I’m sure any of your future girlfriends will greatly appreciate it, too!) 

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    It’s like saying women who play sports are lesbians because the majority of people that play sports are men.  Then again, maybe it’s mostly men because women are made to believe they shouldn’t play sports.  It’s a vicious cycle, just like in this case!  I definitely wish my man would dress better and I have no problem with fashionable males, whether or not they are straight.  Your last point was dead-on; do what you like & be proud of it & don’t care what anybody else thinks. :)

  • http://NorthOnHarper.com Alexis of NorthOnHarper

    IF this statement were true— my marriage would be a sham.

    Thank God it is just a silly stereotype and my husband (and you!) are comfortable enough with yourselves not to be impacted by them…. 

  • http://www.ladyofashion.blogspot.com Ladyofashion

    Such a silly stereotype: My bf is so into fashion and people always think before meeting him that because he loves fashion that it’s weird. Not at all..  I’m happy that you started a blog, I wish there were more guys who did & didn’t care about how others perceived them. Great post! Congrats on making Links a la Mode! -xo

    • Ryan

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Julian

    Fantastic post! I, unfortunately, know people who are extremely discriminating against men who are interested in fashion and negatively refer to them as “gay”. I wish everyone could just read this post and be more enlightened. 


    • Ryan

      Julian, share away in an effort to try and get others to read the post. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • http://fashionistable.com Fashionistable

    I think you are perfectly normal. Women love guys who look good. I wish more guys made an effort. Well said. Xxxx

  • Crissyb05

    I love it when men make the effort!  Great post :)

  • http://beckyleedreams.blogspot.com/ Becky Lee

    Just as I’ve come to despise the boxes that women are put into, I cringe at the messages that boys are given about who they should be. I think it’s incredibly sad and limiting when boys are taught that they are and should be messy and incapable of caring for themselves.

    Interestingly, on the fashion side of things, I work at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia where most of our clients and staff are African American. I’ve found that men’s fashion sense in our little community is much more highly valued – maybe because part of what we do is help men build their wardrobes to reflect their renewed sense of self-worth and to help them land a job. It’s also not associated with homosexuality, although many of our clients’ feelings on that issue is a whole ‘nother topic…Thanks for writing!

    • Ryan

      You are very welcome Becky. Thanks for stopping by and reading the post!

  • http://twitter.com/Fashnlvr9 Fashnlvr

    So nice to find another male fashion blogger! There are too few of you! What happened over the last couple hundred years to make society think that men who dress well and are into their wardrobes are homosexual? If you look back to the time of Mozart men were very much about how they clothed themselves. They even wore ruffles on their shirt sleeves! Gasp!
    I wish we could get back to the place where more men were concerned with their clothing choices and took a serious interest!
    Great to see a man writing about it!

  • Don Pezzano

    I’m with you. I love fashion, I make clothes and I am straight. 

  • Tommy

    good words Rayan … Really good words
    for me , am an architecture  engineer Student , and for my Graduation Project i choosed
    a Fashion Design Academy For Men And Women to Learn , Practice and Perform their Works ..
    u know what my Instructor said ??
    (((((Come On … Its A Lady’s Idea , even that most of the Worlds greatest Designer are men
    but they are not manly enough ha ha ha ha
    they look like men but they are gays , forget about it  try to be a man choose something for men
    Fashion is for Ladies , we all love ladies but we should not do their works ha ha ha ha
    and all my mates Starts making fun of me ! )))
    my instructor is Egyptian , and in Cairo they have the Best Fashion Design in the Middle east for men and women  ,
    what shall i do ???? what shall i say to this Silly Dr
    thanks alot

  • http://www.lnlclothing.com/ Samantha Morris

    No I don’t agree that if a man is so much in love with fashion means he is a gay. There are many factors to be considered to tell that a man is gay. 

  • Poo

    I think you one of those gays that just don’t know it yet..

    • http://www.ryanshell.com/ Ryan

      Sorry, not the case.

  • Muj

    its good for men to look presentable BUT does that mean we have to follow opinions of a group of people as what they define as good to wear becomes good, that’s not enlightment that’s mental slavery, a form of control and means the fashion designers reach a level that become somewhat that of so called “infallable” popes. They become our overlords dictating what to wear and what propgating their biases accross the sheep.

    • VampireLibby

      Oh I agree too. When you see what some of the so-called fashion experts look like. (hot mess) I see no reason why we have to take their advice as the fashion gospel. Also straight men originally started a lot of fashion companies. Like I said earlier 15 of the top fashion Billionaires or straight, married men. Only 7 fashion Billionaires are gay men. I think one billionaire is bisexual. So in general men regardless of sexual preference are very good at fashion; alot more than folks give them credit for.

  • Colton Peck

    I’m 15 and im a guy but i’m straight and i wanted to know if a straight guy could do fashion without being judge. but i’ve grown threw what people are really like and they will always judge you no matter what. i mean look at Selena Gomez, she’s amazing, beautiful, smart, and has an amazing voice but people still judge her and call her denigrating names because they don’t like her but she gets back up from all that and doesn’t let it stop her from anything. I call myself ugly because thats what i’ve been told by kids since i was little but i don’t care. i used to draw dresses when i was younger but i stoped and now im doing it again with a little more exsperience. I’m glad this articlewas made because it answered my main question. Thanks.


  • Tubamirab

    A gay person is someone who is sexually attracted to, or at least has special feelings for, another of the same sex.  Imo, having a liking for fashion, even if it’s more or less in favor of that of the opposite sex, is irrelevant.

  • Pedro Juarez Santos

    I’m starting a fashion/art/lifestyle blog, but I was insecure about people thinking that I’m gay (Not that I have a problem with homosexuality, but I like girls) so I wasn’t sure of doing it. Thanks to you now I’m. Thanks for inspire me :)

  • YP

    I’m a straight fellow who appreciates guys and girls who display a sartorial style that works for him and her.  Fashion, is not what people say it is….fashion is being comfortable in how you present yourself and having the mindset “I can pull of anything and will look badass!”  I’m not that familiar with the specifics of the fashion world, but just recently heard about a certain sartorial genius by the name of Nick Wooster, who happens to be gay, but he pulls everything off with such manly and masculine steez.  I don’t see how anyone else can pull off a suit with cropped pants and yellow brogues!  When I saw that picture of him, I knew I had to emulate the look, or at least parts of it.  My baby brother’s graduation is next month and I went in to get fitted for a brand new light grey bespoke suit with cropped pants which I’ll be rocking with some Allen-Edmonds green brogues.  Babies will vomit at the sight of my awesomeness and then offer me their lollipops.

  • Sydney

    Have sex today

  • Andrew

    The simples fact is loads of people like things that are considered the gender their not so they pretend to not like it. Really I’m sure loads of straight men like fashion they are just to scared to show it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffersonfaudan Jefferson Faudan

    does being straight necessarily mean i have to look like a douchebag? i’d rather be called gay than a douchebag.

    • VampireLibby

      This is a stereotype that straight men know nothing about fashion. Not true 15 0f the top 20 multi billionaires in the fashion industry are straight married men. I WOULD SAY STRAIGHT MEN KNOW A LOT ABOUT FASHION, HIRING FASHION STAFF, AND BUSINESS.


    Zz top said it best: ” every girl goes crazy bout a sharp dressed man”

  • MMay

    A little late for the party here, but came across your blog and love it.. I think what makes a person gay is who they are attracted to. Fashion, Music, Colors, Art… or whatever has no bearing on sexuality as far as I’m concerned. I am a straight male and love fashion, be it women’s or men’s … I don’t wear women’s fashion but I still admire it.. and the shoes! :)

  • rocky

    Hi Ryan, I have respect for you. thumps up for this blog.

  • MyNameisRyanToo

    Ryan – Speaking for myself, I think the “issue” is that it seems really trite. I know that sounds obnoxious, but it’s the truth. I don’t think a guy is necessarily gay because he has an interest in clothes. I feel the same way about women who are really into fashion. Nothing wrong with being a bit of a clothes hound, but people who elevate fashion to the level of real discussion as if it’s important – that does bug me. It’s the sense that fashion is something worthy of deep discussion. Only my opinion. Just thought I’d give you a sense as to why some people don’t “get it” not trying to be a troll. Regards.

  • Frank

    Fashion is gayer than style. A man can always get by with style.

  • Sam

    I have the same problem at my college you wear your own clothes and people seem to associate homosexuality with good style or even sometimes just normal intelligience. Hope this problem is stamped out as I get older, otherwise I don’t want to live in the modern world.

  • C

    Damn, I just like the way you put it. You have a way with words.

  • Anti-Fashionista

    I think that more guys turn away from fashion and style because of the myriad of rules to remember, the expensive and useless crap to buy that will just be deemed out of style a mere two nanoseconds later, and the foul air of elitist snobbery and shallow vanity that the fashion industry reeks of rather than the fact that McQueen and Versace were openly gay. Just my two cents.

  • Rob Carter

    Ryan, you have no idea about style. Look at your fucking pic!

  • Vik

    Men who like fashion may not be gay, however, they definitely are effeminate.

    There’s people who care whether or not their clothes match their bike, and will even bring a change of clothes to fit the scenery of an event they’ll be attending (no, I don’t mean changing from casual to formal). That is the quintessential feminine character trait. Couple that with the fact that “fashion conscious” men are also ridiculously materialistic and contribute the consumerist culture problem is reason enough to insult any man who takes a liking to fashion.

    Materialism is womanly, and worrying about something as stupid as what looks are in right now should be left for women to worry about (much like celebrity gossip).

  • NoClothesHound

    Well gay is not the right word. I would say it’s effeminate, in that it is an interest that is historically associated with women. If you have great taste in clothes and are cool about it, then I’d say you were just put together. But if someone is pretentious about fashion (e.g., they treat it as a central pursuit rather than just a part of their day…picking out an outfit) then yes, as a regular guy, it is extremely annoying.

    And don’t get me started on the crap you see models walking down the runway in. It’s the equivalent of concept cars….you’ll never see it on the street (or anyone wearing it would be laughed off the block!).

  • Christopher Valentori

    Ryan, I feel you, Bro’. I think as humans we are so unique and have such different tastes and opinions.
    I am as straight as can be, very comfortable with my manliness, and still am very into fashion. I especially like vintage threads from the 40s – 70s. The cool thing is, my girlfriend recognizes my eye for fashion and appreciates it! I like to look sharp and I don’t see anything wrong with us straight men having a knack for fashion. I have many gay friends, both male and female, but it really bothers me that the mainstream media always makes fashion and fragrance a “gay” thing. Like a straight man doesn’t know what’s up with fashion? crazy.

  • VampireLibby

    Actually 15 0ut of the top 20 multi-billionaire fashion tycoons are straight married men. We have all seen the reality shows with the fashion clueless straight man who has to be dressed by a team of more fashion literate gay men. In reality Straight know enough about business and fashion to become Multi Billionaires.