Let’s not even joke around about these shoes. They aren’t “affordable,” but they are hot, and that’s exactly why I paid $695 for these Christian Louboutin’s (New Declic 120mm).

Take in the price for a minute and let’s get over the shock (together).

Ok, we’re over it (kind of).

I’m telling  you, when your girlfriends see these shoes they’re going to be completely jealous… be prepared. They’re black with a glitter effect, which adds a nice touch to an otherwise classic black pump with a 5 in heel. I’ve been wearing them with jeans so far, but when the weather warms up you better believe I’ll be pairing them with a couple of my favorite skirts.

If you aren’t familiar with Louboutin’s, the shoes come with a signature red sole that seems to make them feel a bit special. After you purchase a pair you’ll become more aware of the red sole, and the next time you spot someone with a pair on… you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Click here to pick them up on the Christian Louboutin website. And yes, they really are that hot! If you’d like a class black Louboutin option you might want to check these out ($624).

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Written by Ryan
Ryan is a southern guy now living in New York City. From business to casual, his style covers a broad spectrum. He loves a great suit, but also appreciates the freedom of an un-tucked shirt and letting loose. Find him on Twitter at @RyanShell.