Indochino Suit Review

This Indochino suit review isn’t something I planned on writing, but after some nagging from a friend, here we go.

First and foremost, I’m not in the business of writing negative articles about brands, and, if memory serves me correctly I’ve only written one less than stellar review on this site, and that was for a pair of shoes that had screws sticking up through the heel.

If you aren’t aware, Indochino makes inexpensive custom suits and, in theory, should provide a better fitting suit that the likes of Suit Supply. In theory being the key point.

I stopped by their pop-up event at Grand Central a month or so ago because they offered to take me through their experience and gift me a suit. I was impressed with the number of measurements their folks took and how they gave special attention to areas such as the thighs, waist, and shoulders.

Indochino Suit Review

But lets cut to the chase.

I received the suit in less than two weeks, and upon getting it was stoked to put it on given the depth of customization – fabric to cut to jacket lining – they allow.

Indochino Suit Review

The Pants

The first thing I put on were the pants, but I was instantly disappointed. Remember how I said they gave special attention to the thighs? I’m not sure what happened in production, but the pants fit the same exact way as they did when I tried them on at Grand Central. They specifically made a point – as did I – about the thighs needing to be let out to allow for a little breathing room. It didn’t happen. In addition, the waist was about 1.5 inches too big, and there’s no way I’ve lost that much weight.

With disappointment mounting, I grabbed a shirt out of my closet and continued getting dressed.

The Jacket

I’m telling you, this is painful to write.

Upon putting the jacket on it just felt wrong, not to mention it looked wrong as well. For starters, and I’m going to use simple terminology here, when you button the jacket, the V created up towards the collar couldn’t have been wider. It looked like a jacket had been created especially to show off my chest. So strange.

Remember the measurements I previously mentioned? Well, the guy that took mine made note that the shoulders needed to be tweaked so that they rounded naturally with my shoulders and didn’t look like I was wearing shoulder pads. But alas, I looked like I’d stolen my mothers shoulder pads from 1987.

I’ll Never Wear It

In the end, I looked at myself in the mirror and considered how I felt in the suit and was pretty much disgusted. I immediately took it off, folded it up, and haven’t touched it sense. I’ll never wear this particular suit and, from this particular Indochino suit review, can’t recommend that you buy their product.

Mistakes Happen, But…

By all means, I understand that mistakes happen and that for one reason or another I may have received a “bad apple.” Even so, putting the suit back in the mail and waiting X amount of time to get it back is less than ideas.

The Average Guy

Everything I’ve already mentioned aside, there’s one other reason I fear guys going the Indochino route. When they measured me it was a pretty intense process, and I can’t for the life of me imagine the average guy getting them right. There’s just too many opportunities to mess something up, which is why I feel that buying a suit online based on measurements is risky.

I Did Try

Prior to writing this I did reach out to my contact to let him know the disappointing news. In return he requested that an Indochino concierge person get in touch to handle the situation. I never heard from said individual.

I’m sure plenty of people have had success with the brand, but this Indochino suit review will end with… do not buy.

Update: Two Indochino reps have reached out since this was published and were apologetic and offered to fix the suit. If I were Joe Guy without a fashion blog, who knows what the customer service would be. I still have no plans to have the suit redone or anything along those lines. This experience has shown me that I have little to no interest in buying a suit online, or going through the process of shipping a product back and forth to get it right.

Written by Ryan
Ryan is a southern guy now living in New York City. From business to casual, his style covers a broad spectrum. He loves a great suit, but also appreciates the freedom of an un-tucked shirt and letting loose. Find him on Twitter at @RyanShell.