I’m going to go ahead and give myself the title of The Best Forever 21 Shopper (ever) and dare anyone who knows me to challenge this self-proclamation. This is one of the most dangerous places for my clothing/accessories addiction; I can never walk in there without finding something  that I convince myself I absolutely need.

Typically I find shopping in Forever 21 in between retail seasons to be difficult. And, in typical fashion I found myself scoffing at long sleeve t-shirts folded next to denim shorts on a day where it reached 96 degrees in New York City. I did (also in typical fashion) find some amazing summer dresses (and more!) for the office, weekend galavants and occasional nighttime strolls.

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[/box] This floral dress ($29.50 at Forever 21 Stores) is great for summer time; the sweetheart neckline is always in style and the buttons up the dress are absolutely adorable. When its hot outside its always best to wear loose clothing; this dress combines that theory with a slight cinch at the waist, slimming at your narrowest while flaring out slightly to keep you cool. I found this quarter length burnt orange cropped jacket ($24.50 Forever 21 Stores) literally shoved on a rack in a corner; if you’re in the mood to pick you can truly find some hidden gems. A Forever 21 Tip: If its “one of a kind” on the rack, don’t hold so closely the sizes that appear on the tag. I’m usually a medium in just about everything but this jacket is actually a size small and fits fine. Accordion pleated skirts have been my go to recently- I just love a knee length pleated skirt with a pair of wedges. This black dress combines a low back trend (not pictured) with the accordion pleats at the bottom. Also the dress cinches the waist similar to a skirt. I paired this dress with the burnt orange jacket and a nude patent leather belt ($2.50 at Forever 21 Stores). The necklace is a Forever 21 find from the winter months- which I found later was a “knockoff” when I stumbled upon a similar one at Bloomingdales for quadruple the price. Can you believe this was only $19.80? It may be 100% polyester and lined with a too thick for summer slip, but the pattern and fit were too good to pass up. The dress itself came with a string belt of the same pattern, but I added the same nude patent leather belt to narrow the waist even more. The straps are adjustable which will come in handy for wearing it unbelted as well- bring the neckline down a little bit when wearing in the style of a potato sack (which, seriously, I love) to give it some shape and skin to balance out the loose fabric. Finally, no summer dress find would be complete this season without a cute white dress ($24.90 at Forever 21 Stores). This American Apparel knockoff (I have it in pink from last season) keeps with the lace trend for summer, the color white, and a flattering fit and length. I’m 5’6, with a reeeeally long torso and always have problems finding dresses of an acceptable length at Forever 21, but this piece is mid thigh on me. I paired it with the nude patent leather belt, the burnt orange blazer and I’m ready for Monday morning! [box border=”full”] Enter your email address below to get our latest fashion updates. [/box]

Written by Allison
Allison is known for her undying love of “moo moo” style dresses, neutrals and her borderline excessive accessory collection. She loves living in Manhattan and attributes her passion for fashion and personal style to growing up in the suburbs outside of London, England.