By now I am sure you all are incredibly aware of my LOVE of H&M. (if you aren’t….well now you know).

They just always seem to have something I am dying to have, so it is a standard go-to on my shopping agenda.

Maybe it is the slightly European vibe I get whenever I step foot in that fabulous store, or it’s the commercials I see on television that have no words and yet you can’t help but think….”Ohh H&M, you’ve done it again.”

So on one of my many, perhaps too many, weekly trips to the mall, I just happen to stumble into the love of my life I didn’t know I had.

Can we just take a breath for these beauties known as the HIGH WAISTED HOT PINK PANTS.

Okay, got that? Good. I just swoon over every single aspect of these little suckers. I was willing to shell out a pretty penny for these little suckers, so naturally I was elated when I saw the $35 price tag. HELLO dressing room. While I originally thought they would be a special occasion pant, I quickly realized how versatile they could be!

Pair with a printed silk tank, and even throw on a blazer, along with a great pair of pumps and you are set! Or if you are taller than my 5’2 height, they might even work with a great loafer, like my absolute favorite Steve Madden pair for a chic day look.

While all of my photos pair these hot pink trousers with black, I am all about mixing it up. A good white t-shirt is classic, and can be accessorized with a great necklace or a ton of bracelets. If you like your t-shirts a little baggy, like I do, check out the men’s section at H&M. Their t-shirts are like $6 each, and aren’t as clingy, which is GREAT!! A checkered boyfriend button-down can also be put with the pants, and Steve Madden loafers, creating an effortlessly cute shopping outfit, if I do say so myself. After all this talk, I am looking forward to rocking all of these looks, and more. I mean, I have to get my 35 dollars worth right??!

Written by Ryan
Ryan is a southern guy now living in New York City. From business to casual, his style covers a broad spectrum. He loves a great suit, but also appreciates the freedom of an un-tucked shirt and letting loose. Find him on Twitter at @RyanShell.