Fashion Blogger Trend Report

17 Trends to help You stay Stylish

Everyone wants to look good and stay up-to-date from a fashion standpoint, but it’s an ever evolving world that’s hard to stay on top of.

Fashables has worked with a group of fashion bloggers to create the Fall Fashion Blogger Trend Report, and there are 17 trends to take note of to help you stay stylish this fall.

Each blogger has listed a trend, and also provided a photo of them-self wearing the trend, or highlighted an example from the web.

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Now for the trends…

Fall Trend: Ponchos

Blog: heylilahey
A must-have for this coming fall is definitely a nice poncho, preferably with fringes! You can create a cool stylish look, have a nice change from all the winter coats and still keep yourself warm! And the great thing is, you can get this trend everywhere from F21 and H&M to Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone.

Fall Trend: 70s

Blog: Grit & Glamour
Long, center-parted hair, platforms, and silhouettes that are alternately form-fitted and flowing—that’s 1970s style in a sentence, and all the reasons why it’s my favorite era for fashion. The ’70s are alive and well this fall in the form of culottes (who knew they could ever look so chic?) and chunky-heeled platform boots. Classic ’70s earthtones make an appearance, but modern-day ’70s style is punctuated by vibrant jewel tones, rich textures, and fur, fur, fur.

Fall Trend: Wedge Boots

Blog: House Of Jeffers
While boots have always been a wardrobe staple for Fall, the wedge was something that was reserved for summer… until now. A platform wedge is the ultimate Fall shoe must-have due to its tendency to be uber chunky, yet trendsetting and sexy, regardless of whether they’re paired jeans or midi skirts.

Fall Trend: Sheer Tops

Blog: Fashables
Sheer tops were all the rage by a lot of girls this summer, but there were still a good number that didn’t give it a go. Expect sheer tops to stick around as more people become comfortable wearing them, but at the same time covering up with additional layers to not fully expose the bra. Call it the toe in the water method.

Fall Trend: Midi Dresses

Blog: North On Harper
I love this look for fall, the length is great for the transitional weather!  Plus it has a very ladylike aesthetic making it completely on trend.  The key is to keep the styling modern.  Do this with accessories: booties, belts and tougher jewelry are all viable options.

Fall Trend: Bold Lace

Blog: StyleOnTheCouch
We’re feeling dark and sexy for Fall.  The delicate and feminine lace we saw in Spring/Summer is now transformed with an edge as the nights draw closer – we’ll see a dark romance of rich colours and gothic inspired patterns with flesh peeking through. For this trend I look to Jason Wu, Lanvin, Bottega Veneta and Prabal Gurung.

Trend: Varsity Jackets

Blog: Word by Jessie
Varsity Jackets are a fantastic way to incorporate tomboy and chic. They are lightweight but still give added warmth as the season begins to change. This stylish trend is available at all price points and in a variety of fabrications. Show your fall spirit!

Trend: Ankle Boot

Blog: Fashioned by Love
Ankle boots took the leading role in almost every ready-to-wear collection this Fall because they work as a perfect finishing touch with a multitude of stylish looks. Wear them with a pencil skirt, cocoon dress or your favourite jeans, let your ankle boot play a pick-a-boo under floaty layers of a long skirt or channel your inner Parisienne in a pair of cigarette trousers. Photos via

Trend: Metallic Trend

Blog: The House in the Clouds
From something as simple as silver glitter slip-ons à la Toms to the statement gold trench, metallics bridge the gap between late summer and early fall with their versatility. It’s the wild card transitioning summer lightweights before chunky knits in deep jewel tones surface. Metallics make every season shine. Shown here as a boxy cut vintage Bob Mackie worn with lightweight stretch corduroys.

Trend: Loafers

Blog: Best of Bklyn
This Fall, I’m most excited for loafers- they’re a little bit preppy, and a little bit borrowed from the boys. I love wearing mine with pants cropped or cuffed to the ankle, or with skirts and dresses to keep things a little more feminine. Two great things about this trend- loafers are classic, so you can wear these for years, and your feet will thank you for wearing flats!

Fall Trend: Color

Blog: Fashables
It’s easy to start letting darker winter colors start creeping out of your closet as temperatures slowly start to drop, but fight the urge as long as you can. Use these color options to freshen up your wardrobe and to change up the colors from this summer.

Trend: Capes

Blog: Stay in the Lines
Fall is all about bold Mod shapes and the heavy fabrics and fun buttons of a cape are great ways to get a retro feel while still looking polished. They’re the perfect piece to layer over a sweater for the daytime and look just as good over a dress with tights at night. I like to look for heavy fabrics and interesting clasps, like a velvet with vintage rhinestone clasps for a dressy version and an easy cotton with sturdy buttons for an everyday piece.

Trend: Sequins

Blog: a Sequin Dress at Breakfast
Sequins are everywhere this fall-from shoes to pants to blazers and more. Nothing’s better than wearing something that makes you sparkle.  Add a sequined item to a daytime outfit and you’re instantly ready for the night. -photo credit to Taylor Jewell

Trend: Polka Dots

Blog: Splendiferous Inclinations
I love trends that are effortless and accessible, and this season’s polka dot trend is just that. Chances are, you already have some of this classic print living in your closet, and now is the perfect time to bring them out and have some fun! I love a great polka dot print because it looks great on everyone, and it is classic and timeless.  So take those pretty pieces out of your closet and join this fall’s polka dot party!

Trend: Unexpected Trench

Blog: I Got Style and I’m Fab
People are so used to seeing the normal neutral trenches in the fall. Why not mix it up a bit and get one that will attract every eye in the room? Wear a pastel one, bright one, or metallic one to be the trendiest chick in the neighborhood! Pair it with heels and a skirt to amp it up!

Trend: Jewel Tones

Blog: My Fashion Juice
We’ve seen a lot of jewel tones come down the Fall 2011 runways and they’re all looking opulent and glamorous – a perfect complement to the gloomy weather of Fall. Sure we’re still seeing a lot of warm hues this fall season but the rich reds, vibrant blues, royal purples and precious greens will surely sparkle amidst the cool breeze. Besides, fall weather is already too gray. Stand out from the gray backdrop in rich and opulent colors from these jewel tones!

Trend: Leopard Print

Blog: Consider Me Lovely
Leopard print is the trend that never seems to go away; women have been wearing it for decades!  While it works pretty much year-round, it is gorgeous for fall with darker colors and jewel tones. For many people Fall indicates a time to revert to their dark colored clothing, so leopard print is a great for adding pop to the navies, blacks, browns, and grays that Fall wardrobes are made of!

So there you have it – 17 trends from fashion bloggers from around the web. This is our first attempt at something of this nature, but certainly hope you enjoyed it!

A special thanks to all of the bloggers that took part in this report – please make sure you check out sites of all of the contributors.