Denim Therapy Review: They Saved Me $200

I don’t know about you, but for me, jeans are somewhat of an investment and that’s why I’m doing this Denim Therapy Review.

I recently noticed that one of my favorite pair was at the beginning stages of facing a “blowout.” As in, holes were forming in the crotch. Previously this caused me to, painfully, trash two pairs of jeans. It was like balling up $400 and tossing it in the trash. But not this time.

The pants with the growing “blowout” were sent off to Denim Therapy to get repaired, and I must say… I’m delighted with the result. Take a look at the photos below and I’ll offer a little more info at the bottom of the post.

Holes forming in crotch.

Post Denim Therapy - holes gone!

The lighting in the shots is slightly different, but you can clearly see that the holes are gone. I’m not 100% sure how the process works, but they basically have a way of weaving denim ($7 per inch) into your pants to repair holes.

It’s not a 100% flawless match, but I can’t imagine it being done any better. Had I not told you a repair had been made, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have noticed it in the photos – and you certainly wouldn’t notice it while I was wearing them.

From the Denim Therapy website it looks like they’ve repaired jeans much worse off than mine, so if you’re getting ready to trash your favorite pair of jeans, you should certainly check them out. You can ship your jeans to them, wait a couple weeks and they’ll be sent back to you refreshed and ready to wear.

At the end of the day, Denim Therapy fixed my jeans and saved me from having to go buy ($200) another pair. That’s a win in my eyes.

  • Emma

    cool concept. though i’m not sure i would have thrown out those jeans just because of those tiny tiny holes! 

  • Melody

    Many people buy denim jeans as an invesment.

  • Fashionsac

    Such a beautiful jeans and such epic pictures! Simply beautiful

  • Lois

    Denim Jeans are the most comfortable jeans style in the market. They are flexible and they don’t  make you sweaty under them.

  • Daman Bahner

    Wow, that’s pretty sweet….never knew that could be done.

  • ken

    how much did this repair cost? i have a similar size hole forming and i’d rather have an idea of the cost before i ship them to NY. thanks!