Maybe it’s the cobble stones. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a quiet street amongst chaos. Whatever the reason, Crosby Street, specifically, the section between Prince and Spring, is one of my favorite places to walk in the city.

While walking towards Spring (on Crosby) this weekend I spotted a stylish woman having what appeared to be a heated conversation.

I rounded the block and when I was headed back up Crosby she was still there chatting away. That’s when I motioned that I wanted to chat with her when she got off the phone. She gave me the OK and we eventually talked about her style, her day and her favorite thing to do in New York City. Give the interview a quick listen below.

layla street style interview 1

This was my view when I spotted Layla across the street.

Notice the skirt? The uneven bottom is what caught my eye. It looked great when she moved.

A great skirt, a chunky belt and a blazer. Those items worked fantastic for Layla’s outfit.

layla street style interview2

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Written by Ryan
Ryan is a southern guy now living in New York City. From business to casual, his style covers a broad spectrum. He loves a great suit, but also appreciates the freedom of an un-tucked shirt and letting loose. Find him on Twitter at @RyanShell.