My Wedding Gift to Her

When it came to wedding gifts, we never really discussed that we’d be exchanging gifts, but I knew I wanted to surprise her with something.

Without a doubt, I knew I didn’t want it to be jewelry. Buying W’s (that’s what we will call her) engagement ring was an exciting experience, but above and beyond that, buying jewelry as a gift has never really been my thing. It just seems so ordinary. And please don’t take offense to that statement. I’m clearly half crazy.

As I continued to think about gift ideas, a certain bag kept coming to mind. 

I didn’t have a clue who made the bag, but it’s a bag that I have photographed while taking street style photos a number of times. In fact, prior to knowing the name of the bag I simply described it as the bag that smiled. After doing a little research I discovered it had a brand name: Celine.

Once I figured out the name and where to buy it, I knew I was close to getting my wedding gift for W nailed down. Celine is well known for its multi-colored bags, and that’s what I’ve previously photographed, but the solid color Celine bags, in my opinion, make a lot more sense. Why? Because you can wear them with SO much more. In addition, they don’t necessarily scream, “Look at me, I’m a Celine!” and that’s more in line with our lifestyle.

There were several fantastic color options to choose from, but I eventually went with a color that would go with virtually everything. It’s not black and it’s not brown, and I certainly can’t remember the “official” swanky color name they gave it. But just trust that it goes with everything.

What I really love about this gift is that it was completely out of left field. It’s not something she had asked for, and for that matter, she had never even mentioned wanting a nice bag. To say the least, I think she was very surprised. Take a look at the Celine bag below.

celine bag

See, it smiles at you. :)celine handbag celine womens bag

celine fashionNot only does the bag look fantastic, it’s spacious and can fit a ton of stuff in it. Granted, just because a bag has plenty of room, that doesn’t mean you should fill it up.

So in the end, the outside the box gift was a surprise and very much appreciated. I hope you dig it.


    I dig it!! I bet W did too. It’s understated, gorgeously crafted, thoughtful and from the heart. I say big YES to you, the bag, and your new life together with W. Congrats & more!

  • Sabiha Sadri

    Very good choice! :) Much better than jewelry :)

  • Alene Wendrow

    What a lucky girl!! Wishing you a life filled with happiness and good fortune

  • FashionableLena

    I love it. Handbags are my thing. I will wear the same pair of black shoes everyday, but will switch out bags weekly. My husband would never buy me a handbag.
    I may need you to talk to him for me! I know that your better half will cherish it always.

  • Ines W. Hunt

    She must be really happy with the bag! It’s really not the usual, women expect to receive jewelries. Women love bags and we would appreciate it all the more when they are given to us as gifts. The bag really looks nice. It goes well with anything. You picked the right color. She is lucky to have you. Congrats and good luck!

  • Steve morgan

    Lovely present .. You really nailed the opportunity. My wife’s birthday is next month and I was confused about what to give her… now I think a bag would be the perfect thing. I have also selected bags for her on Kil kenny Orla Kiely Bags Sale.