I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful pair of shoes.

Yes, beautiful.

They are the Alden Waxed Longwing Bluchers made specially for J.Crew, and that are flat out amazing.

But I have to admit, they are expensive. As in, I thought about buying them for nearly two months before taking the plunge.

Take a look below.

alden leather shoes

The leather is amazing quality, and these suckers are American made.alden shoes - made in usa

You may notice a mark or two – I’d already worn them a couple times by the time these photos were taken.alden shoes

Seriously, they’re fantastic!alden on fashablesHow did I justify spending the money on these Aldens?

Basically, you can wear them in the ground and then have Alden do a sole restoration to freshen them up, which gives them a much longer life than most shoes.

In addition, you can easily dress them up or down, and they’ve proven to be very comfortable as I’ve walked around the city in them.

I hope you like them as much as I do, and if you’d like to take a plunge, get your Aldens here.

Written by Ryan
Ryan is a southern guy now living in New York City. From business to casual, his style covers a broad spectrum. He loves a great suit, but also appreciates the freedom of an un-tucked shirt and letting loose. Find him on Twitter at @RyanShell.