Hey, thanks for your interest in contributing to Fashables.

If you haven’t visited our About page, you should give it a quick read. It’s important to let you know that Fashables is a men’s and women’s fashion blog (100% independent) highlighting clothing items that are reviewed by “normal’ish” people.

Contributors to the site believe in the non-snobby culture that’s in place, and are committed to sharing their style with readers. Here’s a quick list of things we look for in contributors:

  1. Ability to contribute on a regular basis.
  2. Have a sense of style.
  3. Willing to photograph yourself wearing the item(s) you are writing about.
  4. You definitely shouldn’t be snobby.
  5. Be ready to have fun with the process!

If you are on board with the five items mentioned above, keep reading.

Actually, there’s not much more to read.

If interested, please send an email to info at When doing so, include a little about yourself, your style and a recent photo. Oh, and tell us your favorite flavor of ice-cream.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Fashables contributor!