The Story Behind Fashables

Fashables is a men’s and women’s fashion blog (100% independent) highlighting clothing items that are reviewed by “normal’ish” people.

Contributors try on items that stand out and let you know their likes/dislikes, if they’d purchase the item, why it may/may not work for you, where to purchase the item… and anything else that comes to mind along the way.

When possible, Fashables contributors will take you right inside the dressing room and let you see exactly what the item looked like on. No kinky stuff though.

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“I absolutely LOVE your blog! I am a fashion-loving doctor and love your emphasis on ‘real’ people as well as the piece ‘healthy is the new hot’…inspiring and empowering!! Thank you.” – Jennifer

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Street Style Fashion Photos

In addition to doing clothing reviews, Fashables publishes street style fashion photos  three times a week. The shots aren’t taken by a pro and are mostly done on the fly while out and about in NYC.

The Contributors

Do us a favor, be nice to the Fashables contributors. They’re “normal’ish” people that love fashion and wanted to contribute to this site. Most, if not all, live in New York City and have very busy lives. They aren’t paid models and have the same insecurities that all “perfect” people have. Interested in being a contributor to the site?

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The Inspiration Behind Fashables

Imagine that you’re shopping online and see a shirt you like. The shirt will be photographed on a model, and will be accompanied by a description written by the manufacture. [Now fast forward and pretend you ordered the shirt.]

Upon getting it at home you try it on and realize that the description written was a bit slanted, and that while you are perfect, the shirt doesn’t look as good on you as it did on the model that was a bit, “perfect’er.” You know, the one with the perfect body, personal trainer, dietitian, professional photographer – you get the point.Fashables was created by Ryan after the idea came to him while sitting in a Levi’s dressing room in Soho.

He was waiting on a clerk to bring him another size pants and decided to take a photo (seen on the right) to pass the time. After seeing the photo the wheels started turning and the idea of creating Fashables was born.

Ok, obviously there’s a bit more to it than that, but you’re probably tired of reading at this point.

We would love to be one of your favorite fashion blogs and hope you’ll come back often. Click here to see our latest posts.