5 Tips for a Better Looking Butt in Jeans

One thing I’ve noticed over time is that some women know how to buy jeans that compliment their body type, but a vast majority don’t know how to do so.

And this isn’t just my opinion. We posed this question via Twitter a while back and a ton of females agreed with the notion that most females don’t know how to buy jeans.

I’m a big fan of 7 For All Mankind jeans, and yes, it’s true, I once tried on their women’s jeans.

I’ve reached out to 7’s Creative Director, Michele Manz, to see if she could provide some tips to help women buy better jeans.

We’ll share her thoughts in a two-part posts, the first of which will focus on five tips to help females achieve a better looking butt in jeans.

Here are five common questions, along with Michele’s tips.

1. What style of jean should a woman wear who loves her butt and wants to show it off?

Any leg shape is fine as long as it is a fitted style.  When the hips and thighs are form-fitting, it gives prominence to the butt and really shows it off.

2. What style of jean should a woman wear who has a flat butt?

If you have a flat butt, experiment with different pocket styles.  A pant with trouser-style welt pockets on the back instead of traditional jean pockets is a great option.  The pockets help give the illusion of a fuller bottom – all while helping create a tailored, put-together look.

3. What style of jean should a woman wear who wants her butt to appear smaller than it is?

Nothing minimizes the way dark, clean, slim jeans do!  Look for styles without complicated embroidery or bedazzling on the back pockets.  You don’t want to give the eye too much to look at, or create extra volume, if there’s already a lot going on back there.  Think simple, fuss-free, and elegant.

4. Is there an ideal pocket placement on jeans to make your butt look its best?

Pocket placement makes a big difference when it comes to finding that perfect pair of jeans to accentuate your assets.  Whether you want to enhance or distract, the overall rules of pocket placement are the same.

To play up your curves (and even give a little bit of a lift), look for pockets that are set at a slight inward angle.  Avoid pockets that are placed too high; this will give the appearance of a larger and longer butt (think: mom jeans).  You also want to avoid pockets that are set too low – this will make you look droopy and sloppy.  The pockets are too low if they hit the crease where your legs meet your butt.

The general rule of thumb is that you want the pockets to be centered on the fullest part of your butt.

Another thing to consider is pocket SIZE.  Pockets that are too small will make your butt look bigger.

The perfect fitting pair of jeans is the one that cups and contours your butt, without either pulling too tight or bunching with extra fabric.

5. In general, do back pockets help or hurt girls who don’t like their butts?

The right pocket can make a world of difference in how your jeans look and feel.  One of the pillars of the 7 For All Mankind brand – and what has made us famous – is the attention we place on fit, not just for the butt but for the entire garment.  Pockets aren’t so much of a black and white issue, it’s more about finding the best pocket size, placement, and style for your unique body.

  • http://twitter.com/techtionary CrossTalk

    My GF finds the brand, style, look and then gets a seamstress to tailor to fit her butt.
    Wish other girls would do the same.

    • Ryan

      That’s a great point. Tailoring clothes seems to be another area most people (men and women) are a bit lost. Props to your girlfriend for making things work (even better) for her!

  • Richard Hanson

    my girlfriend ass is perfecto she doesnt need any of this shit.

    • Danielle

      Then why are you on the site ? Is it for yourself?

  • http://profiles.google.com/purplebanana1991 Laura Gerencser

    People make fun of me, because I’m so picky about pockets on my jeans…but its so true! A good pocket makes a world of difference! Great article!

    • Ryan

      Thanks Laura.

      Pockets are wildly important to the look around back!

  • http://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/discounts/johnlewis.com john lewis uk

    You know what in past 3 years after my baby i gained alot and evrytime i go to store to find a perfect fit for me i always had problem because whatever i try it makes me looks more healthier so i started wearing baggy pants i thought it covered me all but last week i went to store tried a darker color skinny jeans and it fits me so well and it really make me look less healthier. Thank to your tips

  • nana

    thanks for the tips…it really helps….

  • Piper olhiser

    Hands down, 7 jeans roxanne are the hottest jeans I have ever owned. They showcase my butt to the extent of me having to limit where I wear them because they draw so much attention. I’ve worn 7s for 15 years and they are worth every penny!!!! Thank you for reinforcing the 7 love!!!!

  • Hollie Carmack

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