A Stylish NYC Walk

I took a nice walk this weekend to enjoy the cooler weather in the city, and decided to take my camera along to capture a few snaps.

And I’m certainly glad I did.

The city is at that interesting time of year when fashion is evolving — almost weekly — because of the changing temperatures. It’s almost as if peoples outfits loose color as quickly as the leaves on the trees. But that’s classic NYC for ya.

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AG Jeans are Great, but They Need Butt Tweaking

If you’re a long time reader you’ll know that once upon a time I was a big fan of 7 For All Mankind jeans.

The thing that prompted a divorce (we are still friends) is that the style I loved oh so much would get a hole in the upper inner thigh area like clockwork. The concept of patching jeans on a routine basis got old so I had to find another option.

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Why I’m Quitting Street Style Photography

I’m quitting street style photography.

Specifically, I’m quitting street style photography at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week.

I popped over a couple of days ago to shoot, but the session only lasted 52 minutes. That was plenty enough time for me to realize how much I hated thae environment.

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Summer Street Style & a New Favorite Photo

Here I go dusting off the cobwebs again.

Life has just been flat out busy. During the last 10 months I got married, quit my day job to run The Home T full time, went on an epic trip to Africa (more to come on that) and have traveled quite frequently for business trips.

I’ve managed to get in some shooting for personal enjoyment, but putting the shots out for public conception hasn’t been my number one priority. I guess in this social media and always on world we live in, sometimes it’s nice to just have something for yourself.

But hey, let me contradict that last statement and share some recent shots with you. The first one you’re going to see is one of my new favorites. [Read more…]

PSA: Please Hide Your Butt Cheeks

It’s time.

Time for a talk about your butt cheeks.

And I’m specifically talking to the women that are pushing the high waist low cut denim shorts trend forward.

Short shorts are great, but you don’t need to walk around with your butt cheeks hanging out.

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Chatting About Style and NYC with Layla

Maybe it’s the cobble stones. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a quiet street amongst chaos. Whatever the reason, Crosby Street, specifically, the section between Prince and Spring, is one of my favorite places to walk in the city.

While walking towards Spring (on Crosby) this weekend I spotted a stylish woman having what appeared to be a heated conversation.

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Blowing Kisses and Lying Out Topless

These street style interviews are still pretty new to me, and while I consider myself to be a person that can strike up a conversation with just about anyone, it can be a bit nerve-racking at times.

In New York, you don’t know if the person speaks English, and you have no idea if they are going to blow you off. It’s a crap shoot each time out the gate.

With that said, I wasn’t planning on talking to Maria and hadn’t mentally prepared, but when I bent down to snap a shot of her she immediately stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth and tossed up a peace sign with her hand.

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Street Style: What Inspired Samantha’s Outfit

Did you hear? Fashables was named one of the Top 10 Street Style Blogs by Esquire! Cool right?

Today’s post has a mixture of traditional street style photos, as well as the new street style interviews that I’m doing.

For today’s interview you’ll hear from Samantha. Apparently she spends a good amount of time looking at naked people. You may also be surprised to find out what item inspired her look for the day. Give the interview a quick listen (click play just below the first photo) to find out more.

Enjoy what’s below!

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Street Style Fashion: A Mixture

It never fails.

As soon as the weather starts to warm up in New York City, people start wearing color. It’s like clockwork.

In today’s street style post you’re going to see a wide variety of fashion and I hope you spot something that helps inspire your wardrobe.

Enjoy the shots!

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Lilly on Houston

Traditionally, I share anywhere from five to 10 street style photos in a post. That format will still continue, but I’m going to start adding something new to the mix as well.

As you’ll see below, there’s a street style photo of Lilly. I spotted her crossing Houston and snapped a shot after noticing her sunglasses. Shorty thereafter I stopped her for a quick chat. Check out the photo and short audio interview (60 seconds) below.

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