Street Style: Outerwear


There’s something about walking around New York City that can be rejuvenating. Especially on a warm’ish day. And I use the word warm very loosely.

While roaming around on Saturday, I couldn’t help but notice tons and tons of coats. Specifically, lightweight coats. They are, in general, much more fun that most heavyweight coats. Granted, one reason I say that is that lighter coats aren’t always buttoned or zipped and allow a little style to be exposed.

Enjoy today’s shots.

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These Shoes have Flavor

nike pegasus 3

I was browsing around J.Crew a month or so ago and was doing my normal routine of quickly scanning the room to see if anything stood out.

I looked to the right.

Then to the left.

And then back to the right.

But as I was looking back to the right, something instantly stood out: this awesome pair of Nike Pegasus shoes.

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Our Wedding Photos

Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

It’s been just over two months since our wedding and I finally have some shots from the photographer to share with you.

As I think back on the wedding, the photographs give you a glimpse of the experience, but I’m not really sure anything can do it justice. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the video turns out.

The shots below show you a little of what happened before the wedding, during the ceremony and after. Now we just have to buy some of the shots and have the photo album created. Wedding photography is a funny thing. You pay a ton for a photographer, who essentially takes pictures so you can pay more money to print the photos or make an album. Yes, you pay money to be able to pay more money. It’s a genius business model. :)

Whitney Schaffer & Ryan Shell

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Cole Haan Nailed it with this Women’s Boot

Cole Haan Cassidy Tall Boots Women's Shoes

W was looking for a new pair of heels over the weekend so we popped in to see our friends at Cole Haan.

While she was browsing around I couldn’t help but notice another woman that was trying on a couple pair of boots. One pair was on the low side, and the other pair was taller.

She seemed completely perplexed as to which pair of boots to get, but I knew there was one clear choice. So, after a few minutes of observing what was going on – in a non creepy way of course – I said, “You have to get the tall pair.” She looked over and was probably thinking, “Why does this guy in gym clothes think he can give me fashion advice?”

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Street Style Fashion in Black & White

ryan shell photography

Welcome to today’s street style fashion post!

It’s been a while, I know. Between my day job, The Home T and that little wedding we were planning, I’ve been a bit busy! :)

I went for a walk yesterday and decided to snap a few shots. Once the first photo was taken, it was if it became contagious and almost like I hadn’t missed a beat. More importantly, it reminded me just how much I love great fashion/style.

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My Wedding Gift to Her

celine bag

When it came to wedding gifts, we never really discussed that we’d be exchanging gifts, but I knew I wanted to surprise her with something.

Without a doubt, I knew I didn’t want it to be jewelry. Buying W’s (that’s what we will call her) engagement ring was an exciting experience, but above and beyond that, buying jewelry as a gift has never really been my thing. It just seems so ordinary. And please don’t take offense to that statement. I’m clearly half crazy.

As I continued to think about gift ideas, a certain bag kept coming to mind.  [Read more...]

The Most Amazing Wedding Ever!


We got married on Saturday and it was the most amazing wedding ever!

Seriously, it was flat out awesome. And I know I’m supposed to say that, but never have I been part of such a flawless event that people enjoyed so much.

When we started the planning process we knew we wanted it to be a fun event, and that’s exactly what it was. The rehearsal dinner was on Friday night and it was held at a bowling alley. Seriously. Granted, we had an exclusive room and private lanes, and it was a New York City kind of swanky place. It was the perfect way to let people relax and kick off a weekend of fun.

The wedding was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Saturday and we started with two completely empty gallery rooms, but by the time the wedding rolled around they were completely transformed. I’ll share the professional shots when I receive them because cell phone shots just won’t do the space justice.

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Ferragamo: An Amazing Pair of Men’s Dress Shoes

ferragamo mens dress shoes

Before I talk about this amazing pair of Ferragamo men’s dress shoes, it’s important to establish a few things.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I actually don’t even shop all that often.

So, when I tell you that, after many months of eying, I finally purchased a pair of shoes that cost more than the mortgage on my first condo… cut me a break, I’ve been saving.

There’s no doubt that the shoes were gnarly expensive, but they are flat out fantastic. And you know, I don’t really know why I feel forced to rationalize this purchase. Women routinely by expensive shoes and no one blinks an eye, and the bags… the bags are an entirely different level.

With that, I give you my new pair of Ferragamo’s.

ferragamo mens dress shoes

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I’m Getting Married in 10 Days!


10 days from now.

That’s when I get married.

And I’m stoked!

I haven’t blogged much about the wedding, but there’s plenty of exciting things going on behind the scenes.

When we started the planning process earlier this year, one of the first things I said was, “I want people to have an amazing time!” The last thing I wanted was for people to make the trip to New York City to be bored out of their mind. But based on how we’ve planned the night, guests are going to have a fantastic time (I hope!).

People keep asking me if I’m nervous, and quite honestly, I’m not at all. I don’t know if that’s strange or not, but I’m very excited about the next chapter of life. It’s going to be spectacular.

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Street Style Fashion: Paris Hilton

paris hilton fashion week

For today’s New York Fashion Week street style post, you’re going to see some great fashion, as well as Paris Hilton, but I’ll also take you behind the scenes so you can see the part of this hoopla that I try to avoid.

The fashion, thus far this year, has been all over the place. There’s been good. There’s been bad. And there’s been down right please don’t ever wear that again scenarios.

Enjoy today’s shots!

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